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Get free anonymous/confidential HIV/AIDS counseling and testing



Get free anonymous/confidential HIV/AIDS counseling and testing

Everyone is at risk of becoming infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), but the risk of delay increases if certain behaviors are present. So find out your HIV status if:

19 May - The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial


Information on HIV/AIDS service in Georgia> 
<p><i class=Have you done drugs at least once?

Your spouse/sexual partner is or has been a drug user.

Have had casual unprotected sex.

You have or have had any sexually transmitted infections.

You have had or are currently infected with the hepatitis B, C or D virus.

You have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

You often undergo medical manipulations.

Have you had a tattoo or piercing?

You are a recipient of blood.

If you think that you have had any of the above-mentioned risk factors at least once, do not delay, contact the AIDS center or call us on the hotline: 239-80-18


Why is it necessary for a person to know his HIV status?

In order to start treatment in time, which stops the progression of the disease and significantly prolongs life.

In order for the infected person to pay more attention to his health and prevent the infection of other people, including his relatives, and therefore - the spread of the disease.

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